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Motion to Bar Testimony – Shaken Baby Syndrome

Focusing on retinal hemorrhages, this motion cites research showing no proven correlation between shaking and retinal hemorrhage, as well as studies documenting other (non-shaking) causes of retinal hemorrhage.

Motion to Exclude – STRMix and DNA Likelihood Ratio Evidence

Argues that the likelihood ratio produced by STRMix software is unreliable because “the program’s code relies upon information that is subjective and can vary to an impermissible degree depending on the individual analyst and laboratory.” Explains factors that impact the reliability of probabalistic genotyping software, including threshold levels (what the lab considers data vs. noise), […]

Motion to Preclude Fingerprint Analyst from using term Match or Source

Based on forensic reports on latent fingerprint matching, this motion argues that fingerprint analysts can only accurately testify in terms of exclusion, rather than that two prints are a “match,” from a “common source,” or that any individual is “the source” of a latent fingerprint.

Transcript – Daubert Hearing – STRMix

This hearing challenges the validity and reliability of STRMix DNA mixture analysis. Government witness: John Buckleton (creator of STRMix); defense witness: Nathan Adams (explains likelihood ratios, impact of number of contributors on the program’s output, problems with STRMix implementation